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Welcome to Cobbers Child Care Centre!

If you’re looking for an early-learning centre where the staff know you and your child, we welcome you to Cobbers Child Care Centre in the heart of Mullumbimby. We’re a family owned local business with strong ties to the local community, taking on the role of an extended family by providing a warm and caring environment in which to nurture and educate your child.

We foster a unique environment where the children and their families develop trusting and caring relationships, with us, the educators, where children feel safe and grow in self-esteem and confidence.

We encourage you to visit us, meet our dedicated staff, and take a look around, as we know that choosing the right Child Care Centre is paramount not only for your child but also for your family. 


A unique, caring and nurturing environment for your child


We know choosing the best care and education for your child is important


It’s never too early to make an enquiry – we welcome you to book a time to visit us.

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We're located in the heart of


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"Cobbers, also known as an extension of our family. If you are thinking about it - do it - visit Cobbers, see and feel for yourself the nurturing and engaging environment they create. It is the most rewarding decision you will make for your family.

I have had two of my three children at Cobbers and in our four years there the staff not only remained consistent and passionate - but they were also experienced, which was so refreshing! They do really cool stuff – like research and learn topics the kids show interest in, bike week, excursions, parent with child social nights and so much more. My oldest child would come to drop offs and as we left say 'Mum, I really wish I got to go to Cobbers, it is not really fair'. I wish I had known better sooner. Thank you, Cobbers, so very much for being such superstars.  Our family will always think of Cobbers fondly as we embark on all our children now at 'big school'."

- Leah Molenaar, January 2024

"We have tried a few other Childcare Centre's and Cobbers are far ahead of all of them. Tim, Sharon & Dani and the team are absolutely fantastic, and I cannot recommend them more. Their education program along with their cultural and community connection is not matched."

- Shae Constantine, December 2023

 "What an incredible childcare centre!    I HIGHLY recommend! The staff are brilliant and so attentive and kind.  Cannot rave enough about this place and the staff! I had been to a different centre previously and there is no comparison......Cobbers is the best!!!"
- Kirsty Sked, January 2023

"Cobbers is such a great place for kids to play, learn, develop confidence and get ready for school.  I've had two kids go through Cobbers and we've all loved it.  The only bad part was having to emotionally detach when it was time for them to move on.  The staff take the time to get to know the kids individually and create an environment that's fun and safe for kids to play and interact with each other, developing important social skills.  Tim has an incredible passion for each childhood learning, he really understands what kids need to get ready for school.  The kids here are encouraged and supported and their development nurtured.  Overall a great experience and I can only say thank you to the entire team."
- Emily Porter, February 2023

"Thank you so much for such a great year.  You've navigated lockdowns and floods so amazingly.  Can you believe that as we left on our last day, Arlo wouldn't smile for a photo and instead said 'I don't want to leave'.  For a kid that hated daycare the turn around is beyond amazing! It really goes to show it's not about the school, it's the teachers that make the school, and you guys are going to be the type of teachers he will remember his whole life. Thanks for being the building block in his confidence as he steps out into the big wide world.  I feel so confident he is ready!"
- Edwina O'Connell, December 2022

"Both my children have been loved and cared for by Cobbers. The facilities are great and staff are hands-on with the kids in a way that replicates family. My daughter was well prepared for big school when the time came due to the school-readiness programming they foster. We love Cobbers and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a wonderful environment for their children to thrive in."
- Krysta Briffa, February 2021

"They are really hands-on in getting to know the kids interests and creating programs that fit within what the kids are into as well as the framework.

I feel like they have great compliance for safety, inclusion and the key stages of learning for preschool kids especially and transition kids really well into kindy. It’s not just daycare, I feel like my kid is really learning a lot by being there and has a keen interest in learning not just playing."
- Baylee Wood, April 2018

"As we are moving away from Mullumbimby we took our son to an interview at his new school to start kindergarten. He answered every question right; colours, counting, math, shapes, he even told the Principal what a hexagon was, and the Principal nearly fell out of his chair and said he had never had a pre-kinder child answer that question! Thank you Tim, Sharon and team - you created a proud dad moment.

I highly recommend this centre to anyone who wants to see their child well prepared for school. Thank you, Cobbers"
- Daniel Watson, June 2017

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