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Bike & Road Safety

One of the children's most favourite activities to do at Cobbers Child Care Centre in Mullumbimby is riding their bikes and scooters. Each year we allocate a time for the children to bring in their bike and or scooter, whilst providing them with a safe environment to practice their riding skills.

The children learn how to stay safe when riding, by wearing their helmet and assuring it is fitted correctly, by wearing appropriate clothing and enclosed shoes. They ride around the safety cones, following the arrows, whilst being aware of others around them. Their reaction time is tested when the road sign turns red (stop), and the children have to use their brakes to stop on the line. The children share their enjoyment and successes of learning new skills with their family, peers and educators. The most exciting words to hear is when a child says "I can ride with no training wheels!"

We take this opportunity to further learn about and identify safe places to cross the road, holding an adults hand and to always Stop, Look, Listen and Think before crossing the road. We investigate the different types of road signs and their meanings and how to travel safely in a vehicle, by wearing a seat belt and sitting in an age appropriate car seat.

We can't wait for bike week again, to see who has been practising and who has outgrown their training wheels.


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