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Why nature play is so important

Here at Cobbers Child Care Centre we believe that Nature Play has huge benefits to a child's wellbeing and growth.

When watching a child bury their nose in a flower, find an unusual-looking insect,

or dig in the herb garden, those of us who care for small children can see value in the

wholesome goodness of fresh air, getting their hands dirty, and time to explore their natural environment. As children stretch and explore the outdoors, they experience a certain

kind of joy and wonder, and their minds expand. A sunny afternoon playing outside is an Australian tradition, and here on the NSW North Coast we're so lucky to have the weather to play along with this.

From motor skills to social skills, researchers in early childhood and nature play are discovering just how important this tradition really is.

What is nature play?

Nature play is not just outdoor play.

Child-initiated and child-directed, it happens in a natural space. Nature play is

children playing with nature and it has many benefits.

Nature makes children healthier

The possibilities provided by nature affect the way children play, which affects the way their bodies develop. Trees, shrubs, gardens they can get stuck into, as well as grassy patches to run around on trigger an increased level of physical activity in all ages.

While play alone is stimulating to the mind; the variety provided by nature stimulates and develops a child’s body and offers an added boost to the development of the brain. When

engaged in dynamic and varied outdoor play, a child encounters opportunities for decision making that stimulate problem solving and creative thinking

Nature makes children feel better. In nature, children are free to let their attention wander. We encourage you to get out in nature with your children, explore with them, and be led by their imagination. It's a glorious way to be.

Watering and getting in amongst the flower, herb and veggie garden
Watering and getting in amongst the flower, herb and veggie garden


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