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Community Helpers

We had a visit from the local fire fighters. The local fire fighters spoke to the children about:

1. Identifying an emergency service worker.

One fire fighter put on their safety gear ready to fight a fire. The other fire fighter explained to the children, why they need to wear the safety gear and how it protects them from the fire. This helps the children to identify a Community Helper.

2. Learning the number to call in an emergency.

Zero, Zero, Zero and showing the children where the number is on the phone. Have the children learn their home address or landmark feature near to their home.

3. Talk about smoke detectors in the home and home evacuation plans. The children were asked to go home and ask an adult to test the smoke alarm and decide on a meeting point.

4. A discussion on getting down low and go, go, go and stop, drop, cover (your face) and roll.

388 Station firefighters completed their second ‘Pre Ed’ visit to Cobbers Child Care Centre today. These educational visits form an important part of FRNSW’s fire safety and awareness engagement with pre and school aged students. For this age group students learn - What to do when there’s a fire - Seeing a fire fighter in breathing apparatus - ‘Get down low and go go go’ - why smoke alarms are important - calling ‘000’ - wait at the letter box for emergency services to arrive … and much more.

“Well done to all the Cobbers Children!!” and “thanks for inviting us to your Centre”


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