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Siblings in Child Care

One of the benefits of living in the small community of Mullumbimby and offering child care in a home-like environment is that we see families come together. We have had families start with one child at our centre and leave 10 years later after their 3rd or 4th child has moved on to attend school. Throughout these years siblings attend Cobbers together and we see that this has many benefits.

Siblings who are close in age may benefit from having each other at the same child care centre to offer social support, particularly if one or both are entering a new centre. Attending the same centre makes it easier for parents to do drop-offs and pick-ups. Older siblings can help boost their younger siblings’ development by being role models, sharing knowledge and being supportive in social situations. The challenge for young siblings is to find the balance between the positive and negative aspects of their interactions as both children develop over time. Sometimes a grazed knee and tears can be fixed with a cuddle and the reassurance from a sibling.


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