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Mullumbimby - Belonging to our community

Children develop a sense of belonging to groups and communities and an understanding of the reciprocal rights and responsibilities necessary for active community participation.

The children were invited by the Mullumbimby Chamber of Commerce, to participate in some artistic work in the main street of town. Each child participated by painting their own hands in red and orange and then placing their hands on the power pole, along with their names. The parents and educators were involved with the hand painting too. We were helping to beautify the streets of the town with our colourful handprints.

On our way back to Cobbers, the children observed the different types of shops within town: jewellers, newsagents, clothes shop, post office etc. We discussed what was in each of the shops and how they contribute to the community. We walked through Palm Park and found an old unused trough. One of the children made the comment, “they use to use this for the horses feed and water in the olden days.”


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